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Buyer Checklist – for buyers paying with a mortgage

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Buyer Checklist – for buyers paying with a mortgage

Most home buyers who’ve never purchased or who have bought in other cities may not be familiar with the process here in Los Angeles. So I decided to make an easy check list, all buyers who are financing their purchase with a mortgage, can use as a reference when buying a home.  Feel free to contact me if you want more in-depth info on each bullet point. This checklist below will take you from getting prepared, to shopping , making an offer, and ultimately closing.  This is simply a general checklist however there is more to the entire process that your realtor will assist you with and ensure you have a smooth escrow. Happy Home Buying!


  1. Meet with a mortgage broker or direct lender or both.

  2. Get Pre-Approved ( not pre-qualified, there’s a difference. Contact me for more info)  and ask for a copy of the pre-approval letter from your lender.

  3. Get information on different neighborhoods in your city

  4. Try and choose 2 but no more than 3 areas that are at the top of your wish list

  5. Work with your realtor to locate a property to submit an offer

  6. If there’s multiple offers consult with your realtor on next steps

  7. Receive a market comparative analysis from your realtor to help determine what your offer price will be.

  8. Discuss with your realtor what the terms of your offer will be – this can be just as important as the offer price

  9. Organize your paperwork / offer- should include personal letter to seller, pre-approval letter, proof of funds, offer contract

  10. Have realtor submit offer

  11. Once offer is accepted you open escrow – this can last anywhere from 30+ days. On average in L.A. they’re 45 days

  12. Submit Deposit

  13. Get your loan application submitted asap to get the loan process moving right away

  14. Your realtor should ( but not all do so stay on top of yours) schedule all your investigation and inspection appointments right away. You’ll have a contingency period for inspections and investigations. The timeframe will depend on what was agreed to on the offer contract.

  15. Make sure to investigate all potential permits, plans and approvals that may or may not have been done to the property.

  16. Get all reports and documents that relate to the property: City Reports, Environmental Reports, Seller Reports, Title Reports, and anything that could affect the ownership or the property itself.

  17. Once all inspections and investigations have been completed and approved you’re ready to lift contingencies.

    note: if things came up during your investigations make sure you consult with your realtor to determine next steps. Some options include asking for credit or repairs as well as others avenues. Working with an experienced realtor will help you navigate this portion should it come up.

  18. Get a clear to close from your lender

  19.  Release final loan contingency

  20. Final walk through within 5 days of close date. Not meant as a contingency to close but used so buyers can check the property in case some things needed to be worked on or fixed prior to close.

  21. The last couple days of the escrow process the following things will happen but not all in one day. It’s over a few days.

  22. Sign all documents with escrow

  23. Loan is funded

  24. Recording of Deed

  25. You’re officially closed and will get keys to your new place

note: This list is a general overview of the home buying process. Each purchase is different and in no way am I claiming or suggesting that the information I’ve provided is 100% accurate and must be followed in order to purchase a home. You should always consult with your trusted professionals when looking to purchase real estate.

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